Car Safety Essentials

Whether you're just starting out driving or have been driving for years it's always important to have a few car safety essentials in your trunk just in case an emergency were to ever happen. There are two very key car safety essentials that you should keep in your car: a first aid kit and a spare tire.

Servicing Your Car

Whether you buy a new car or buy a used car, servicing your car is a task that you should get done every 6 months to ensure that the car runs smoothly, lasts longer, and fetches you a good price when you are ready to sell it off.  Which areas of your car need to be serviced? Read On.

Top Road Trip Gadgets

With spring break around the corner and summer coming soon, it is that time of year when we start to take road trips! Here are five gadgets we suggest for your next road trip.

Benefits of a Hybrid

If you are in the market for a new car, you may be interested in purchasing a Hybrid. You may wonder if you will recoup that additional vehicle cost from direct gas mileage savings at the pump?  The answer is: probably, but there are many other ways that buying a hybrid can save you money.

The Model-T

Henry Ford pursued his ultimate passion and built his first "horseless carriage". His invention of the Model-T changed American in many more!

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